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Guess who got featured on BellaNaija? Yaaaayyyy, it’s your girl Chinny. Today, I shared my hair journey with BN Beauty and I really love the feedback so far. I was a little scared about this feature because common its BellaNaija! **drum rolls** I thought I didn’t have nice enough hair pictures. What would I say about my hair journey? Or maybe people would care less about my hair feature but na lie!

Chinnysimperio natural hair journey

The pictures are so cute and the feature is such an interesting read! One of my friends saw the feature and said: “this your fro is going places oh…” Well, I am really looking forward to that! I loved that my feature wasn’t too serious (I can’t deal with boring stuff) and my favourite part of the interview would be:

BN: How does climate in Nigeria affect your hair?
Chinny: As negative as negative can get! With Lagos listed as the third most stressful city in the world, I’m convinced this place isn’t for me or my hair. Maybe some ‘abroad’ breeze will do my hair more justice. On a serious note though, I would do a twist out with my curls banging real good (yes, plus styling gel and all that), only for me to get out and my curls begin to drop and puff… it’s frustrating!

Read more of the interview here and don’t forget to drop a comment.

I’m looking forward to more length to my hair and more features in the future! If you need some inspiration to go natural, you can always stop by on Instagram! I like to keep things pretty simple with my hair and makeup and I can tell you I’ve had a pretty nice 3-year journey.

I hope you love my BN Beauty feature too! Don’t forget to leave a comment.


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