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#SheHiveLagos was lit on all sides!


This cool event was organised by She Leads Africa, an organization dedicated to making African women live their best lives. It happens every year in different cities and the list keeps expanding! Best believe I planned to attend #SheHiveLagos2017 sometime at the beginning of the year and my expectations were exceeded! If you couldn’t make the event this year, I’m here to share my lessons with you and you should definitely plan towards next year.


1. Get your networking hat on

Have you ever attended an event or business meeting that left you with a bunch of business cards? What did you do afterwards? Send emails to all of them? I doubt that very much! It happened to me one time and I remember being so confused because I couldn’t match the faces to the names anymore. 😂

At #SheHiveLagos, networking on another level. There was this speed networking session where you would say you’re about, what value you can add to the planet and what or who you need to make magic happen. Then, someone in the room who can meet your needs or wants to collaborate, raises their hands. Let’s just say my life had more definition after this session!

Lesson learnt: Be ready to pitch yourself. Figure out what are you about (to a level where you can say this to yourself at least). Be conscious of your plans and what do you need to achieve them because you never know! You only get what you’re looking for, you know. Quick example: I’ve been playing with the idea of starting a natural hair vlog (putting it out there to the universe) and I met a number of natural hair enthusiasts I could collaborate with. Yipppieeee.


2. Find the right vibes

I’m here for doing anything you love with your hair but imagine walking into a room with almost everybody on their natural hair! Talk about black girl magic! The energy in the room was everything for me. Lectures, seminars and ‘meetings’ can be boring if we really want to be sincere but with all the dancing and games that went down at #SheHiveLagos, there was no dull moment.

Lesson learnt: Find your energetic space. With long office hours, number crunching and all that stuff, you need to refill your energy level. Find what works for you, surround yourself with people that leave you better than before and radiate good vibes.

3. Start saving NOW!

This tweet from me says it all!


4. Do something differently


I had a lot of fun at the event this year and I’m super glad I attended. SheLeadsAfrica is my go-to website for all career and side-hustle questions. Are you part of the SLA tribe? I hope you picked a few lessons from here…hmmm, lemme know by dropping a comment.





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  1. Good read. I particularly find the “Saving now” point thought provoking. Something I should definitely start working on.

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