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Like every other bright student in my class, I had big dreams and aspirations. I had set goals for myself and I was working towards that first class degree and bagging that half a million naira pay job! Hahahaha, yeah I just laughed at myself too not because I think these things are not achievable but because I was grossly disappointed! Ah!


University days….

I started applying for international internships in my second year or maybe my first year sef! At that time, only a few of my classmates had that groove but my eyes were on the prize from the start. First year, second year, third year, I was used to the tone of rejection mails. “Dear…” and you might as well not bother to read the rest. “Congratulations!” and you know you nailed it.

Final year was my last chance and at this point, I didn’t care much about school (except my dissertation as I really wanted a distinction and I got it, yaassss). All I wanted was that internship in London for X weeks and then to come back for NYSC at XYZ firm. All the biggest names in investment banking and consulting. I had it all planned out and I couldn’t wait to get out of school so my money could start rolling in!

Here’s the thing, I did really well preparing for my tests and interviews and got so close these opportunities, I could touch them but I didn’t get any! What else is failure biko? I wasn’t graduating with a first class because Econometrics showed me pepper and I missed the same internship I had been interviewing for over and over again since my first year. O pari oh.

Where I am right now….

Obviously, I’m not where I thought I would be but I’m where I need to be! It’s not a comfort zone but it’s a happy place! A place of self-discovery, a place where I have learnt to transcend the obvious and create my own reality. Just before I started writing this post, I decided to put down my personal and professional goals. This was to help me get a general sense of what I’m working towards.

Something struck me while I was doing this. Do you realise what a full life you have ahead of you? Maybe you’re 30 or in your 20’s like myself or let’s say you’re way older. Maybe you’re about to get tired of this whole process? Please don’t! At some point, I felt like I deserved to be tired but fammm, I’m just about to get started. This hit me hard, like babe, stop being so short-sighted and block-headed! See the light, the opportunities, the things you have to learn and build your dream! It’s all about your perspective. 


So hey, there is so much more to you than your past or present situation. I trust and believe in you, you have the strength and will to start that side hustle, to start learning something new, to save some money at the end of this month, to dream again, set goals and record your wins. You can! Your dreams are valid. Some of the world’s greatest entrepreneurs didn’t become successful super early but they kept at it. Hold on tight to those dreams, draw up your goals and live your dream now because you can!

It’s a journey. I chose to be positive and just shared a bit of it with you. What is your story? I would love to read from you in the comments section.





*yaassss- this just means Yes! 
** biko– an Igbo word which means ‘please’. 
***o pari oh- a Yoruba phrase which in this context means “that’s just the end”

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  1. This got to me. I am literally sniffing tears away right now. I’ve had a similar experience. So much dissapointments and rejections. But i’m learning not to give up on my dreams. I’m dusting them off and aiming higher. Thanks baby girl.

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