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thekinkandi natural hair meet and greet
Girl serving some sauce just before the event


Yes, I’m super excited! Okay, maybe I’m being a little too dramatic but I had such a good weekend. After a Saturday of hanging out with friends, on SUNDAY, @thekinkandi (AB & MeeMee) treated their online friends to an afternoon of fun, lots of pictures, good food and new friendships.

We had a Q and A section and I’ll be highlighting some of the hair care tips we discussed.

Coloured Hair

We agreed that staying off relaxers but adding colour to your hair can be likened to picking the lesser of two evils because most hair dyes contain chemicals like ammonium. If you absolutely want to stay off chemicals, then colouring your hair shouldn’t be top of your list. But hey, if you’ll rather have some fun with your hair, I’m in full support BUT you must be ready to take extra care of your hair! No, you can’t colour your hair and expect to leave it alone…nah! Personally, I’ll advise that you don’t colour your hair from the root cos chemical on your scalp? Nope!


You know how people advise that you trust your journey in life? Girlllll, you have to trust your growth game! It’s unfair but some people have really long hair (they say it’s in the genes…whatever) and some people just don’t but the good news is everybody can have really good and healthy hair! So, if your hair length isn’t so impressive, girl, you can still have lots of fun with your hair! It’s all about the presentation.

The Edges Game

Everybody has a story about their edges! What’s mine? When I had relaxed hair, a patch just appeared! I mean a round bald patch on my edges and I can’t remember how it left but it did because edges ALWAYS grow back! So if your edges aren’t in a good place right now, hold on darling. One great tip I picked up? Massaging that area actually stimulates growth! So yes, we hear coconut oil is a life hack but it doesn’t seep into your scalp to make your hair grow, it’s the stimulation around that are that grows the hair! So take that hair moisturizer, take a few minutes to massage that area and let’s see what happes. Remember, edges always grow back!

I had such a nice time and met of lovely people.

natural hair
I planned this hairstyle the night before
Looking at the smile now makes me so happy, hope it does same to you!

@sheisnaturallybronze and I
@d3ola and I
Me and @thekinkandI


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