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Chinny at Few Models 2017
Some badass face because I’m trynna act like a model😂

Yaaaayyy, it’s my first style-related post and I’m so excited! I’ve also gotten a hang of my blog better…remember my self-learning difficulty that I talked about here? I got a lot of help and it went a long way.

What I was up to last weekend- Face of FEW Models 2017…

The weekend was bliss! I got a lot of alone time and ended it nicely with a fun outing. I attended Few’s Next Face 2017 finale, a scouting competition by Few Models and IMG models. Few Models handles the sleekest of models and my absolute fave has to be Mayowa Nicholas, winner of the 2014 Elite Model Look and the first Nigerian model on a Calvin Klein cover! Talk about bursting moves!👏👏👏 Forbes described IMG models as representing the likes of Gigi Hadid and Gisele “world’s highest-paid model” Bündchen.

Daberechi Kalu emerged the winner and I’m super proud of her! You should have seen her on the runway that day, I was like girl, you are on fire! Congratulations Daberechi! I must say that all the girls were really stunning and obviously worked hard towards the competition. 💪

I was going to take a picture with her but mehn, there were so many people taking pictures with her already… Issa Star Girl 🌟

Chinny at Few Models 2017
Looking like I gained some weight…yassssss!

My Outfit Choice…

I definitely wanted a playful and chic look for the event. My first thought was to sew an Ankara circle top for myself to go along with a pair of ripped jeans and nude heels. Sadly, the fabric I thought I had was barely up to anything. Stuck! Stuck! Stuck!

Chinny at Few Models 2017
Just maybe I could be a model?

Then I found this cotton dress with beautiful shadow stripes! I got this dress early this year but never rocked it because I think it’s quite short for a regular day look. Well, it turned out to be perfect for an evening look. I particularly liked the breast cut which definitely made me look a lot fuller and my super comfortable shoes helped show my long legs nicely!

Chinny at Few Models 2017

Hair & Makeup…

Bob braids also called ‘shaba’ in Yoruba is definitely one of my favourite protective hairstyles. However, I tried a new hairdresser this time but didn’t get so lucky as the madame did a bad job with the tips!

About my makeup, red lipsticks are a must-have for every girl! For this look, I used Classic in Ruby Woo shade.

There’s a little twist for my face! I had run out of foundation so I applied my MaryKay concealer lightly and it worked perfectly.

Chinny at Face of Few Models 2017
Night selfies aren’t my faves 😔

For my eye pop, Zaron Trio Eyeshadow is perhaps my most faithful makeup product! Lol. My make up game isnt so strong but after linning my eyes, adding some highlight and cute orchid blush (random picks), I think I pulled off a good look!

As an aside, I auditioned to join Few Models sometime last year and I didn’t go past the first stage! I was so pained because models had to come in their natural hair and I had to loosen my one week old Bob braids which was so well done. Oh well, now I know why and the pain has left totally😂😂😂

Chinny at Face of Few Models 2017
Literally laughing at myself after all model pose attempts

Big congratulations to Daberechi again! I generally had a great time, the wine was particularly good and there were lots of beautiful people.

Chinny at Face of Few Models 2017
…extra spice to the sauce😋




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