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Hey lovelies,

The harmattan season has been on for a while but it’s not about to be over so this post is still very relevant, yeah? Check out how your favourite naturalistas be staying moisturized this season…these routines have also helped me maintain my glow through this fiercely dry weather:


Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize!

According to @YellowSisi, ‘if you don’t moisturize your natural hair this season, the Harmattan will dry it out brutally and your hair will break’. Oh no, we don’t want that happening, so please get your spray bottle out.

Quick tip for free: you can buy a spray bottle from any convenience store or use any bottle that allows you spritz. Make a good mixture of water and coconut oil and you’re good to go. If you’re wearing your hair out this season, you may want to put this spray bottle in your bag and spritz on through the day!


Deep Condition

Y’all leaving your hair out this season are the real MVPs! I have mine hidden under braids and I’m not getting them out anytime soon. Sorry, not sorry? Well, with @efikzara‘s routine, you have nothing to worry about this season but please protect your ends. Pleaseee!

So y’all, this was my washday experience using @cantubeauty.africa Conditioning Cowash and Deep Treatment Mask! Perfect combo during this #harmattan period; the weather is so dry and unforgiving. I’ve been avoiding shampoo at ALL COSTS so this for me was a great way to cleanse and deep condition, without the harshness of a cleanser that lathers. I did this whilst on a trip. The products are definitely travel friendly . – Tag two friend that need moisturizing wash routines! – 1) Apply your fave oil (preferably whilst warm-slightly hot) 2) Section hair into twists while finger detangling. 3) Apply the cowash to each section. 4) Detangle with a comb or tangle brush (I used the paddle brush because I was traveling). 5) Rinse. 6) Add go-to fave oil to the deep treatment to make the product richer. 7) Rinse. 8) Moisturize and style! (Part two coming soon so stay tuned!) – Lips: #Rosalinda by @jaxx_cosmetics Song: #SICKER by @officialniniola – #EfikZara #ad #cantubeauty #cantubeautyafrica #cantu #deeptreatment #deepcondition #cleanse #cowash #washday #washingtondc #lagos #abuja #nigeria #cleanhair #freshhair #blackgirls #darkgirl #browngirls #youtubenigeria #youtuber

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Protective styling!

It is what it is, protective styles are protective! I remember my friend @skillstribe mentioned that she straightens her hair only during the harmattan. That’s a great decision because the humidity is the lowest at this season and you don’t have to worry as much about shrinkage. My Instagram feed is also buzzing with twist-outs looking so good…time to enjoy sistas! Enjoy it while it lasts. If you’re not here for letting your hair out, you can be like me…get it braided (biko, deep condition and detangle very well before you do so) or wear a wig. Remember that handy spray bottle? Have it in hand and you’re good to go. Flast twists, two strand twists and conrows are also great ways to protect your hair but remember this is not the time to manipulate every day.


Drink Water.

It’s that simple fam…the weather is really dry and you’ll tend to get dehydrated more often this season. Hmm…bad for your hair and skin! There are many different opinions about the right daily water intake but I make sure to take at least 2 litres every day. In “pure water” size, that’s 4 sachets.

Find the right moisturizer for your skin

You’re way too fabulous for that scaly-looking skin! Nah! But you must find what works for you according to your body type. If you’re not satisfied with what you currently use, it might be time to look for a moisturiser that’s specially made for dry skin. See my video on my best picks:


Extra tips?

Check out how @igbocurls and @pauletta.ora stay popping this season.

How to Protect Natural Hair in Harmattan

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