January 4, 2018 Chinny 0Comment

Hi guys,

Happy New Year. Welcome to the year of healthy hair and retaining length. Somebody say yasss?

In 2017, I had my natural hair out 9 out of 10 times but I’m switching that up in 2018. Why? I always love a pop of colour in my hair and my bleached tips are fading out. Since, I’m not ready to get a new colour in my hair, I’m going for coloured braids plus protective styling is never a wrong choice.

Another reason why I dreaded taking my hair to the salon last year was the PAIN! Hairdressers have a way of combing your hair even after you’ve done a good deal of that at home. The last time I braided my hair, I was so upset about the amount of hair I lost. So, this time, I decided to take things a little further and the outcome was beyond my expectations. The hairdressers didn’t have to comb my hair one bit…it was that detangled!

Check out how my new before-braids routine here:

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