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Hey lovelies,

So, it’s been exactly three weeks since my darling @folu.a got married to her beau and it still feels surreal! Like wow, my baby girl made the big decision.

natural hair styles for wedding
Not so proud of my smile but I guess I was too excited to arrange well

Before the wedding

I remember when she called me to share the news of her engagement, I was screaming. Then I asked her if she was being serious. Something in me still didn’t believe ohhh, like maybe she’ll call me back to say she was kidding but lo and behold, wedding planning started! I was not as available as I would have wanted to be for her wedding because we were in different cities and it was a tough time for me at work but I knew nothing was going to make me miss the wedding!

My Outfit Palava

I have a particular habit…hmmmm. Let’s not call it procrastination…maybe it’s overconfidence. I can almost make my own dresses with my eyes closed so I’m never in a hurry to start sewing until the last minute. I mean, I have a good excuse for this dress, it was crunch time at work and I wanted to make the dress two nights before but there was no electricity.  I made this dress the night before I left for Ibadan but violaaa, it came out nice.

The Big Day!

On the day of the wedding, the journey from Lagos to Ibadan was sweet as I was riding with my twin @abiolabiya (Yes, I have a twin in real life but we come from different parents and that’s okay with us? The fuel scarcity was causing so much traffic so we had to leave as early as 5.30 am!

B to my C!

Well, I still had my two-weeks-old cornrows, no wig to my name and a wedding to attend!

Your baby girl had to find a solution to fix her hair and face and I think I killed it…or what do you think?

Zaron healthy glow foundation be making me glow!

The Full Dress

natural hair styles for wedding
I look so happy with my borrow-pose purse 

natural hair styles for wedding natural hair styles for wedding natural hair styles for wedding natural hair styles for wedding

The wedding was so much fun and what I loved the most was that the couple had fun too. I can’t deal with couples stressing out and doing everything else but to enjoy their big day! Did I mention that the bride is a natural hair queen and she totally slayed it that day…yes, we have to get her featured on the blog.

Do you usually get your hair and makeup professionally done when attending a wedding? Let me know…


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