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Hey there,

How are you guys holding up this new year? Yes, I know it feels like we’ve been in 2018 for quite some time but it’s only January and the year is still super young. This year, I planned to hide my hair in braids a lot but NaturallyTemi is inspiring me to rock even more styles! You know I’m a preacher of the natural hair gospel but I find a lot of people get stuck on what to do with their natural hair.

Let’s go through five (out of so many times) Naturally Temi switched things up and showed us how versatile natural hair is:

  • Flexi Rods!

If there’s something I have to try this year, it’s flexi rods! They’re so so adorable. I find bliss in the fact that kinky, thick hair can create such bangs without heat! Although this style does take a lot of time to create, the result is amazing.

  • Sleek Bun

Love me a sleek bun! 2017 saw the best of my buns and I can keep going on how gorgeous I feel with a sleek bun. Working her hair in sections, Temi shows us how she achieves a sleek bun with her super full, thick and beautiful hair.

  • Wash and go

Is it weird that I somewhat love shrinkage? Okay okay, let’s scratch that because we can do without hair looking three times shorter but it comes out beautiful sometimes. I tried a wash and go last year and it turned out to be one of my best Instagram posts last year! This is a plus video as Temi shows us her wash day routine and how she achieves well defined and edgy curls.

  • High Puff

This is simply my most done hairstyle and I haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love high puffs…they are just so puff?

  • Flat twist

Okay, watching this video just makes me go ‘Oh, my God! That’s a lot of hair you have going on here Temi!’ Well, short hair never stopped no one! The best part of this style is that you work in sections, so after working the flat twist through the front section of your hair, you can add extensions to the end of your hair for a fuller look like Temi’s! (Imma try that and let you know how it goes!)

Bonus Video:

Noticed I didn’t include any video of Temi with straightened hair? That’s because she’s not a heat girl and strongly believes it’s not good for her hair! With such beautiful and full hair, we will take whatever you say mama! What do you think guys? What styles have you tried out in the past and how did it turn out? What styles are you looking forward to trying out? Let me know in the comment section.


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