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Hi guys,

Hmmmm, a new year begins in a few days and I can’t believe how fast 2017 went by! I stumbled on this message by Sarah Jakes Robert on YouTube and I think you should listen/watch this if you’re trying to set goals for the new year.

A little recap of 2017

Was it a great year for me? Oh yes! I’m even typing this smiling. My bank account is not smiling as I thought it would be but the biggest thing that happened to me in 2017 is getting to know myself a lot better! I always knew my strengths (I’m sure more would unfold) but I never really understood my weaknesses (apart from disorderliness -I’ve been living alone for a while now and I’m still struggling to understand why my things are arranged one minute and scattered the next minute.)

One strength of mine is shooting my shot! I believe that if I put my mind to it, then I can achieve it! This time last year, I was completing NYSC (National Youth Service Corps) with a Pensions Fund Administrator but I decided I wanted to go on to a communications-related role at a media company or fashion firm. I applied to 4 places and got an offer a few weeks later. How? I remember ransacking She Leads Africa for interview tips and just telling God how I really wanted this job. Did he not make my heart desire come to pass? Oh, yes he did!

On the flip side, I didn’t do well enough guys! Let me give you a quick example. Ever been in a situation where you knew you should be introducing yourself to someone, giving some killer elevator pitch for a collaboration but you’re just quiet? Exactly! That was me a lot of times. Yes, I met a lot of amazing people here and there and I’m super thankful but I honestly think I gave off weak vibes!

In 2018, we move!

God planted a number of things in my heart this year and I gotta be faithful! He’s given me the grace to write well, good hair that people want to see, photogenic face…okay, now I’m being vain! I don’t have new year turn around resolutions but I want to push myself a bit more. I don’t want to be okay with just being okay, how about being excellent at work? How about managing my time effectively and being more productive? I know it won’t all happen overnight but 2018 is simply the year to grow from grace to grit! To take on challenges, to be very intentional and to definitely be far from mediocrity!

Watch Sarah Jakes Roberts’ inspiring message below:

I also picked a word for the year and it is CONSISTENCY!

Have a merry Christmas and a fantastic new year guys.



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