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I know not everyone is a fan of dedicating long stretch of hours to wash day or putting so much organic ‘food’ and ‘fruits’ in your hair. Sadly, I am fan but sometimes, I just want to wash and go!  Common, we don’t always have that luxury of time. I needed to travel today and after taking out my braids last night, I was too exhausted. I woke up at about 8:40 am and with this quick wash day routine, I was ready to leave home at 10.00 am, yaaaaayyyy!

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Now, you must agree with me that taking out your braids by yourself is a big deal! But yassss, I did it! How? I packed it all together and loosened them in parts. After every ten strands or so, I would twist the loosened portion and move on to the next ten. Why twist? When your hair is not notoriously dirty (girlll, never let this happen!), it’s so much easier to wash it in twists! This is the only way I can get to my scalp comfortably because my hair is ‘thickly’ thick.

Wash Day #ChinnysImperio
Final Result plus shrinkage and ‘sturvs’

Let’s go right into the steps!

Wet your pre-twisted hair and apply a generous amount of shampoo.

Massage your scalp thoroughly with your fingers and repeat three to five times depending on how dirty your hair is. By the third time, there was a lot of lather in my hair and that’s a good sign. Rinse hair thoroughly and dap dry with a cotton piece of cloth. I read that drying your hair with a towel can be bad. Although I have done this a number of times, I try as much as possible to use an old shirt or something else.

Apply conditioner to slightly damp hair and massage thoroughly.

Hair Wash Day
If you love conditioner, say ayyyeeee!

Yes, that’s how good conditioners are! After washing, your hair might feel dry or a little brisk, so condition that afro! Today, I used the KUI shampoo and conditioner for wash day.

Go on and get ready for your great day!

Wash Day #ChinnysImperio

You might have a meeting, wanna hang out with friends or just upload a post on your blog (errrmmmm, please be careful before your damp hair ruins your computer with dripping water oh). Anyways, while your hair soaks in the conditioner, pick out clothes, make breakfast or pack your bags (this is what I actually did because I never pack my bags the day before travelling)

Rinse out your conditioner, put your cotton material to use again and put some effort to defeating this thing called shrinkage

What’s your favourite moisturiser? Let me tell you what I did. I poured some coconut oil on my scalp here and there (durrh, it will spread), rubbed in some KUI hair cream, applied my Shea Moisture leave-in-conditioner and concluded the process with my favourite sealant- Shea butter (the good ol’ ori)

Wash Day
Hair out!

Then turn that fan on while you scroll through Instagram! Depending on how much time you have, you can let your twists dry out naturally (I love when this happens) or use a blow dryer. For me, I really needed to leave the house at this point! So, I unravelled my twists bit by bit, put a large-tooth comb at the root and my blow dryer just before it and straight pull to the tips!

Length Check Wash Day #ChinnysImperio
Length Check and some vanity

Get your scarf and put that fro in its place. You can see my crown sitting nicely on my head…despite the shrinkage, I rise!

A little note about the products used:

I know some people are product junkies while others think that only natural as in planted and harvested products should be used for natural hair! Well, I just want to be happy, not stressed about my hair and keep my fro popping.

Hair Wash Day
KUI Moisturising Shampoo & Conditioner

A few months back, I bought the KUI set (Moisturising shampoo, conditioner, hair cream and leave-in conditioner) It’s super affordable, I mean the whole set costs about N5,000 and the content is reasonable. The shampoo and conditioner will perhaps be staying with me for a long time. I’m quite indifferent about the hair cream though. About the leave-in-conditioner, I like how I can spray it into my hair daily (seems like I’m feeding my hair daily). The life of my hair right now is Shea Moisture’s Curl Enhancing transforms my texture, makes my hair shine, keeps my edges laid and it’s just amazeballs. It costs about N4,500- N5,000 depending on where you buy it.

Wash Day #ChinnysImperio
KUI Moisturising Cream

That’s it about my quick wash day routine. How do you feel about wash day? Do you wash your hair yourself or leave that entirely to saloons? What’s yourwash day routine? I would like to know, so leave a comment.


8 thoughts on “Quick Wash Day Tips, Updos & Product Review

  1. Girlll…i dont know what i’m doing with my hair. I’m just winging it mahn. But i’ll definitely try your tips. So biko, what is the difference between this one and the monthly complete wash?. Is there something extra we gotta do when we really want to wash?

    1. I hear you with winging it. I used to care, like really care for my hair. Pulled all the stops et Al and was really into the thing. But then I didn’t have to actually “work”. Now life has happened and if d hair is not in a PS, it gets sent to it’s bun. I only ever wash these days with conditioner, please tell me that’s not unhealthy (covering face).

      1. Hi Jenefa, I can totally relate. I cared for my hair so much during its early days that now, I can afford to just leave it but I’m too much in love with caring for my hair. Co-washing (washing with only conditioners) is not unhealthy at all but girlll, does that take the dirt out of your hair tho? I’m curious. What I do is wash my hair like once a month with shampoo and co-wash every other week.

    2. Darling, trust me, sometimes, you gotta ‘just wing it’. I just find the balance between winging it and paying the full price for good hair. Lmao. This is the same thing I’ll do for my full wash day but it’ll take more time (for example, leaving my conditioner in my hair overnight) and depending on how my hair feels, I might do some more senrere which I’ll be sharing soon.

  2. HI Chinny,

    Thanks for this review of Kui products. Feedback is priceless to KUI as it helps one understand what the customer needs and what can be improved.
    I’m glad you like our Moisturising Shampoo, Moisturising Conditioner and Leave in Conditioning Hair Mist! This shows our hard work is paying off.

    As for our Moisturising Hair Cream, please let us know what we need to improve to make it work for your hair as although we normally have good reviews on all our products, we want to cater to as many different hair types as possible.

    Please contact us on or @kuicare on Instagram or Facebook.

    Thanks again and have a lovely Sunday.

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