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So there are new videos on Smart Money Arese‘s YouTube channel and they are so amazing! Honestly, Arese Ugwu is goals on many levels. Just before her book, I discovered Your Life Your Money on Guardian TV and I used to wonder who this super smart woman was. I was a member of Student Finance Club as an undergraduate student. Ah, I remember that talking about the stock market was always such a serious thing! However, this woman called Smart Money Arese was there in a stunning outfit, fine hair and on fleek makeup breaking down big concepts to very relateable bits. To say the least, I was thrilled! I became her No. 1 stalker on Instagram. I’ll soon be sharing lessons I learnt from her amazing book and how Tsola is my ultimate crush!

But for now, you need to subscribe to her YouTube Channel- Smart Money Arese and binge watch the last two videos! 

Boss tips from Smart Money Arese…

  • Be valuable

This has been on my mind for so long! I’m like Chinny, what is your one thing that can stand you out and confidently make way for you? Honestly, I’m still getting my answer. I like to ‘chuck’ head here and there. Although it is good to be open-minded to various opportunities, I believe that excellence and expertise at a particular act will take you far.

In the ‘The Smart Money is Broke’ episode, she describes this as your currency that will save you out of the murky waters! Remember what the Bible says about the gifts of man making ways for him in Proverbs 18: 16? Your job can be taken away but your skills, talents and gifts? You can fine tune them and with the right packaging branding, you begin to get paid for them.

In the next episode, ‘Is your network really your net worth?’, Smart Money Arese points out the need to invest in making sure that your network is powerful enough for you to leverage on it. How do you do this? By being valuable! Relationships work best when they are mutually benefitting. Imagine that younger sister who is so thoughtful to buy you nice earrings on your birthday. Or how your cousin ironed your dress while you were practising your presentation? These are simple examples but I’m sure you’ll get the point with better examples from Arese so you have to watch!

  • Be genuine & build organic relationships

Some things come naturally without your killer elevator pitch. Arese talks about how she met Bolanle Austen-Peters in the elevator and they got off talking about tennis and fitness tips. I remember meeting someone I admired so much at a tech event and I wanted to jump on her! Honestly, I didn’t think I had anything to offer her but hey, I was super excited to meet her! She’s an expert in a field that I’m just starting my hustle in, so I couldn’t even form knowledge. However, she could sense my excitement and fell in love with my energy. She just loved my high spirit and we got talking about natural hair, her career progression and I took so much out of that meeting. When she went up for her panel discussion, I was in front taking her pictures like go mentor go! The right kind of famzing! She had only a few business cards and in a place full of CEOs and intimidating techpreneurs, she gave this 21-year-old smiley girl her business card! Somebody say jackpot!

  • Do your research

Confession time! I am so so guilty of this. I remember attending a corporate event where I was so disinterested in talking to the amazing speakers because I didn’t really know them. The organiser had sent out emails before then but sometimes, I just allow laziness take over my entire being. Urrgggghhhh. Now, I’m thinking about all the killer pitches I could have made that day. I know it’s possible to wing things with people you don’t know but when you can find out, do so! This article from She Leads Africa also on how to make your network your net worth is definitely a must-read!

What are some of the networking tips that have worked for you? Do you have mentors? How did you meet them? Roll into the comments section and let’s chat.




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7 thoughts on “3 Major Mentorship & Networking Tips from Smart Money Arese

  1. I totally loved this post Chinny. I’m still trying to work on having a mentor. My networking skills are completely zero at the moment. Lol. But I’m so going to work on it.

    1. We move and move and move! I tell myself to just do it..put that smile on and say hello more often. As for having a mentor, it’s something one has to be very strategic about…hope the tips above helps.

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