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It was the start of another week and after saying my prayers, I just stayed still a little longer for that ‘inspiration of the week.’ I wanted something that would get me out of bed every morning and keep me motivated every day. The words ‘What is your ambition?’ ‘How ambitious are you?’ rang in my head and I didn’t even know what to think. How awfully wrong that I was just here letting life happen to me.

About two weeks earlier, I was going through my recommended videos on YouTube and there was this one that stood out for me. Trust your struggle – it was a TEDx talk in 2015 by Zain Asher, a correspondent at CNN International and I instantly knew this was one talk I would go back to regularly! If you have never seen this, you’ll ask yourself why after watching! If you have, it’ll give you that positive vibe again!

Trust Your Struggle- A few highlights

When it comes to success, hard work is important but preparation is everything.

When it comes to success, hard work is important but preparing for your opportunity is everything. Click To Tweet

“I’m super proud to say that I have my dream job. I wake up every day and I am so excited to go to work. But my life wasn’t always this way. I’m an anchor at CNN International now but about 4 years ago, I was working as a receptionist.” – Zain Asher.

For someone to say this is another level of “badassery!” What’s more interesting is how she transitioned from a seemingly unhappy place to where she is today. According to her, the key is to be prepared for that opportunity that you want! I feel like someone just asked…what if that opportunity doesn’t exist? Hmmm, how about you start working towards creating something?

Struggling? @ZainAsher is giving us all the vibes to create our own lives like a badass boss Click To Tweet

Success is not always a straight line.

We all have stories of disappointment, hurt and sometimes loss but I have come to believe that it’s all a part of the journey. Doesn’t the Bible even say all things work together for our good? I agree that we may not understand why some things happen. However, I’ll rather be positive and optimistic than never try to get bounce back and be left with regrets.

Have faith that all your struggles will end up for the greater good! Click To Tweet

Just yesterday, I listened to a lady talk about how she failed in her final year at a private university. Although her parents could afford the extra tuition, imagine the pain of not graduating with your peers in this Nigeria where we do souvenirs for graduation! The good news is that she now holds a Masters degree from a top UK university with great grades and works as a business consultant! #Howaboutthat for a comeback!

In Zain’s words, no matter the hardships you’re going through in life, have faith that it’ll all end up for the greater good.’

Rather than compete, trust your struggle and prepare for your opportunities

The best way to predict the future is to create it- Abraham Lincoln

The best way to predict the future is to create it- Abraham Lincoln Click To Tweet

With tons of smart friends, I can tell you how easy it is to get lost in competing with others but I think it can be really toxic. You know that University spirit where we all wanted to be the same thing- best graduating student. Then you silently start watching what others are doing and earning after graduation. Girl, boy, you gotta unstick and face your own life!

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with knowing what your peers around the world are up to. It keeps you inspired to hustle up. Honestly, it’s hard not to compete in your little tribe but Zain advises us to create what we want instead.

Competing with your little tribe is petty and draining! Get up & move ahead Click To Tweet

She taught me a very powerful lesson here. I mean, who helps ‘a competitor’ at a job interview make their answers better? Answer? A badass boss with lots of preparation!

That’s it guys! I hope this post and super inspirational video takes you back a little and you can start taking active steps towards that awesome life that you have created. Don’t forget to dust off your dreams…and move ahead like a boss.

Wait, do you guys know that Zain Asher and Chiwetel Ejiofor from “12 Years A Slave” are siblings? Oh, you probably know that already…and yes, they’re all goals!




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